301 # Symphony " IZUMO "
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301# Symphony " IZUMO "

" IZUMO " is the name of ancient Japanese Kingdum(more than 1.000 years before)
which was north-west part of Japan.

---Power with Love---

1st Movement------The Begining [7min]

2nd Movement------Love from IZUMO [8min]

3rd Movement------8 Headed Dragon [6min]

4th Movement-------Soar to the New World [11min]


21st November 2004----All movements completed.

May 2005, First performance was under the button of composer at TOKYO.


I listened to the CD of Izumo yesterday.
It is wonderful. I am so impressed and enjoyed it so much.

It was a very cold day, so I went to my studio, turned up the heater and switched on the hi-fi (nice and loud!).

Immediately I found myself in a totally new, powerful world.
The dramatic impact is enormous, the melodies flow like a mighty river
and the orchestral colorings are magical.


What a long way it seems from the time we first met in my office in London.
And how your talent has blossomed into something so very special.
Ralph MACE



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